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Eyes of Midnight (Flashback!AUverse)

Title: Eyes of Midnight
Author: persephone_20
Website: back_in_town
Characters/Pairings: Angelus, Darla
Notes: I hope that people don't mind me showing artwork that has been given to me for this fic?
Words: 1,700
Summary: This is an AU!verse, where Darla, Angelus, Spike and Drusilla are angels. Angelus, however, has fallen as an angel, and takes pleasure in killing. The Master, Willow and Xander are vampires. Angels and vampires hate each other.

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Previously: Even as Angelus watched, the Master skillfully faded into the shadows and was physically standing there with him no more.

She had seen them; watched as they walked past her, oblivious in their single-mindedness towards their destination. She had been that redheaded little waif once. When she had come down with syphilis, the Master had been all about helping her back to health – of a sort.

It hadn’t even come down to the fact that the price was too high to pay in the end. Oh no, Darla had been more than happy to pay it, and more. But when he had had his first drink of her, he had recoiled savagely and Darla knew that chance was gone without question. Forever.

For what vampire would turn an angel?

Angelus stalked through the darkened cobble stoned streets with a heavier stride than he might have taken had his kill not been twice taken from him by method of distraction. Damned vampires and their damned disease, spreading across the whole of the town as though it was they who owned it. Angels had been here before the first of the vampires, and those other lowly creatures would do well to remember it. Angelus growled under his breath. He wanted a nice, vile kill on his hands to turn his mind from its current path of anger. Only after his mind cooled sufficiently to let his senses filter through, did he recognise the familiar feel of someone of his past.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…” Angelus crooned, in a sing song voice that was not in any way comforting. In an almost leisurely amble, he came to where she was crouched and grabbed her arm, pulling her out from the shadows before she could hide herself further.

Darla stood before him, proud and angry, pulling her arm from his grip with the ease of equals.

“What are you doing here?” she asked him savagely.

Angelus stepped back from her, boring of her now that the chase between them was over. She hadn’t even given him anything with which to distract his mind. Pity.

“Could ask the same of you, Darla.” His tone of voice made her very name sound seedy, and she bristled at it, but his back was already turned, and he paid her no heed.

“You could ask, if you were interested, do you mean?” Darla pulled tightly on the black cardigan sleeve Angelus had displaced when he’d grabbed her. Shuddering silently, she pulled a cigarette from a packet she kept in between her cleavage, and hoped it would make herself appear steadier than she was.

She remembered how they’d been once; lovers. Partners. And then he’d decided she wasn’t good enough anymore, that he had a higher calling. What could possibly have been higher than the sky where they had flown together? It had been after that when Darla had tried to seek the Master for something that would fill in the void that Angelus had left her with. She had tried, and failed.

“What else would I mean?” Angelus asked of her scathingly.

Darla shrugged her shoulder, and the shoulder came free of her cardigan again. She shucked it off, ignoring it quietly as it sunk to the cobble stones. With another drag on her cigarette, she said on the exhalation, “Once, you would have meant the world.”

She said it offhand, but wasn’t prepared for the way in which Angelus reacted to her. This time, when he grabbed her, it was with both hands, and he grabbed her into a kiss that was at once violent and passionate, so that Darla was swept away by it before he let her go abruptly, and she was left to wonder what had happened.

“Frequent another area, Darla,” Angelus told her grimly. “This one is mine.”

Darla was still stunned by this taste of her dear boy, when Angelus turned on his heel, leaving the place and already in search of the kill he had been detained from twice now in this same night. Besides, he couldn’t kill Darla. She might come in handy again.

Sniffing, Darla looked around her to see if any had witnessed the slight lack of strength that she had demonstrated here in the alleyway. She didn’t immediately site anyone. Even when she went deeper to feel for any person, vampire or angel, other than the one who had just left her, she came up blank, and slowly, with heavy feet, and a heavier heart, she left the scene to find her solace.

Inside the house, Darla closed the door softly behind her, not wanting to wake the human. For a while, she stared at the back of the wooden door and willed memories of the night, and of long before, to pass from her mind. If only she could stop thinking of the past. There was a greater reason she was here again, and Angelus had proven time and again that he wanted no place in that reason. She would have to go on without him, but the mere act of thinking that let alone doing—

“Darla?” An inquiring voice came from further in the house, with a single candle lit the way before the human entered the room.

Darla swung around, with wings she’d not even realised she’d flared helping her retain her balance. She brought those wings in and faced the brunette.

“Sorry,” she said after a moment of standing there guiltily. She shook her head, as though that would make everything make sense. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t.” Before her, Lindsay stood with disheveled brown hair falling over his eyes, not using his free hand to shift it away. Instead, he moved a little further into the main space, before stopping far enough to let her retain her personal space, and asked, “Is there anything you want to talk about?”

Darla gave a harsh laugh, and moved quickly across the room, restlessly. Had she been that transparent, and to a mortal? “No,” she said, in a low voice. “Everything is just fine.” She annunciated every word to the letter, and waited for him to take fault in it.

Lindsay waited for a moment without replying. When it became obvious that she wasn’t going to say any more to him, he nodded and said, “Oh, clearly.”

Darla glared at him. Lindsay lifted his hands. “Hey, I was just asking, okay? No need to bite my head off.”

Staring at him for a while, Darla wondered at the strange phrasing of her human host. After deciding it was nothing, she turned her face away, and looked to one of the front windows again, imagining that she could see Angelus beyond them.

“You know,” Lindsay stood up and hazarded moving into her personal space now, to talk to her. “It probably isn’t a good idea to stand there. With the candle light, they can see in.”

“Then perhaps you should go back to bed,” Darla uttered, unmoving.

Lindsay bowed his head. There was no talking to her when she was like this. Luckily, she was not always like this.

“Perhaps I should.” Lindsay didn’t back out of the room completely. Instead, he watched Darla from a distance, wondering how he could say to her what he needed to say. But she was not receptive right now, and it could wait until morning.


The night was not over yet. For the first few bars, the Master had accompanied her, laying his long nailed hand upon her arm and escorting her to all the best places to make a kill and never been noticed.

Before the Master had left her in search of other prizes, he warned Willow to be wary of the sunrise. For new vampires, it was lethal. But Willow was not finished with her playing yet. The orange haired boy she held in front of her was squirming and inviting her to play with him just a little bit more, under the cover of shadows in the back of the bar he had approached her inside of. She bared her teeth at the boy, liking the way that he tried to back away. As he was just a little bit shorter than her, Willow found it easy to keep the boy’s feet off the ground.

“What is your name, pet?” she asked of him, dipping her tongue between her teeth.

“David… David Osbourne,” came the answer, and Willow smiled at him, almost lovingly, before leaning in to take his throat beneath her lips.

“That’s strange. A lot of vampires don’t like it when their food looks at them.”

Daniel’s eyes turned in fear at the new voice coming from his other side. He’d just been interested in who the pretty redhead on the other side of the room was. He knew one thing for certain, he wasn’t going near any strange women again.

Willow looked up from her taste of the boy and hissed at the new vampire, marking her territory unequivocally. Xander lifted his hands unthreateningly, though he still stepped towards her slowly, clearly unworried by anything that Willow could try to do to him.

“Leave us,” she hissed at him, and for a moment, hope almost sparked in Daniel’s eyes as he thought this dark haired stranger might have come to help him out.

The smile Xander sent him fixed Daniel of that hope. “Now, is that any way to speak to a friend?” he asked Willow.

“I don’t need any more friends,” Willow told him with deadly seriousness.

Xander smiled again, as though this didn’t faze him. Quietly, and with feline grace, he leaned forward to tell her with an air of confidentiality, “I didn’t say I was yours.”

Willow stepped back from him, still holding tight to Daniel. She lifted her head and looked him in the eye directly. Raising an eyebrow to him, she figured he was more for talk than action. Leaning forward, Willow bared her teeth before taking more of Daniel’s blood, gripping him closer to her as he cried out in immediate pain. She growled softly in the back of her throat, a natural response to any threat to her kill.

Xander stood by, content enough to watch until she had finished. His eyes slowly turned to a darker glow than their natural chocolate color and he watched the newer vampire’s skin grow flush from her sudden ingestion of warm blood. Her very enjoyment was intoxicating.

When she was finally finished with the boy, Willow let him drop to the floor where he thumped dully. Her lips were stained with the blood of an innocent, and the rush was intense. Her eyes locked onto Xander’s for a moment, then she grabbed him, and he crushed her against him, and with no more knowledge of each other than that, they reveled in their secret section of the bar, and to any intruders on them, came a swift and silent death.

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