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Eyes of Midnight (Flashback!AUverse) - PG13

Title: Eyes of Midnight

Author: persephone_20

Website: back_in_town

Characters/Pairings: The Master, Willow, Xander, Jesse, Cecily.

Notes: Feedback is addictive to writers, and a much healthier alternative to crack!

Words: 800

Previously:The night was not over yet. For the first few bars, the Master had accompanied Willow, laying his long nailed hand upon her arm and escorting her to all the best places to make a kill and never been noticed.

Before the Master had left her in search of other prizes, he warned Willow to be wary of the sunrise. For new vampires, it was lethal. But Willow was not finished with her playing yet.

The Master would not be pleased to find out that Cecily had been so close to an angel and not been able to bring him to his death, or exposure. She did not quite know what she would do upon seeing him in their next meeting.

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Wonderful artwork done by indianasummer17 for this story.

Xander went underground after his redhead vampire left him in the bar. Underground was the safest for vampires during the daylight hours. When he saw his redhead speaking to the Master, he had to blink his eyes and pause in his steps before he fully believed what he was seeing. So she was the Master’s new pet. Xander looked away.

“Xander!” His head turned to his sire who had brought him into this family and who now called for his attention.

“Jesse,” Xander answered respectfully, but with a devilish lift to his lip as they began to speak of killings and other sorts of mischief.

The Master lifted his hand as he spoke to Willow, and she leaned the side of her face into his palm.

“Did you enjoy your first night out on the town, my dear?” he asked of her.

A sly smile curved Willow’s lips as her eyes did not break from his. “I did, Master,” she crooned in reply.

“Good. It is important,” the Master told her carefully, “that each new vampire finds their own feet to stand upon, otherwise,” he held out his hands, palms up, “how else would we last through eternity while the rest of the world turns to dust?”

Willow watched him, fascinated by his power; by his obvious age. That she could learn so much from him was heavily apparent. She nodded to his words, taking them sincerely.

“Well now,” he said, stepping back from her. “Enough of that. Have you been introduced to many members of our family here?”

Willow looked around as the Master began leading her around the hollowed out, underground cave that acted as their home during daylight hours. It was not long before she saw the one called Xander speaking to another in low tones, and she tilted her head to the side. He too was an interesting one.

“Ahh, Xander,” the Master crooned, extending his hand out so that Xander would come to his other side, and the three of them could talk easily. “Have you met this fine, young woman? I had her turned early this night.”

Xander tried not to stare. Tonight? But, she had been magnificent. “I have, Master,” Xander said, reaching out for Willow’s hand and lifting it to his lips to nibble on, ever so slightly.

Willow looked impressed as she slowly drew her hand to her side and Xander inclined his head as he stood tall to his full height and looked again upon the Master.

“A fine new addition to our family, would you not say?” the Master said.

“Oh yes,” Xander replied deeply. “I think so.”


It was several days and nights that passed, before the brunette social climber, Cecily, returned to the family of vampires. At first, Xander did not notice there was any change in the underground atmosphere, but there was a definite charge of tension as the Master stepped up in front of her before she could disappear among her peers.

“Every vampire here is part of this family,” he said to her, looking her up and down. “When the family doesn’t hear from one of its members for several days, worry begins.”

Cecily bowed her head at him very submissively. “Please forgive, Master. I had an… interaction. With an angel.”

The Master’s eyelids carefully covered most of his eyes, so that Cecily could not look to them for guidance on how to explain this. “Really,” was all he said aloud.

“Yes,” she answered. “It was at a party. I did try to corner him, to make it impossible for him to remain there without exposing himself. He was very clever.”

“And what happened to him, this… angel?” the Master asked, his voice rising slightly with the silk words, lifting one hand to gesture with his fingers.

“He jumped out of the window, Master. He would have flown before hitting the ground, but all eyes went to me; none saw him.” Cecily wasn’t looking towards his eyes anyway. Perhaps she was hoping that if she looked away from him, his punishment would not be so severe.

“Oh,” the Master said mildly. Or, at least, to all outward appearances, it appeared mild. Xander, who knew better, stepped forward minutely. “Cecily, my child, you have disappointed me,” he said finally.

“Yes, I know, Master. But if you will just let me—”

“No, no more words.” The Master swept his hand up, sharp nails raking against her throat. There was a moment when Cecily’s eyes looked out from her swiftly decaying body, and then that body was no more than dust, as the Master’s cut skillfully detached Cecily’s head from her body.

The Master looked up to see Xander looking towards him expectantly. “Have this cleaned up,” he told him.

“Yes Master,” Xander replied evenly.

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