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Joss 10K

An EPIC Challenge

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All Members , Moderated

The Challenge: Write a new fic in the Jossverse of at least 10,000 words in 10 weeks.

Rules | Challengers | Winners

The Idea:

We want to see some nice, long fics that we can really sink our teeth into. The point of this community is to encourage the writing of new multi-chapter stories. We have no prompts or restrictions on pairings or ratings. We want to see it all.

The Rules:

  1. Pick any character(s) or pairing(s) from any of the three television shows created by Joss Whedon and let us know about it here.

  2. Write a brand new fic of at least 10,000 words and post it here within 10 weeks of signing up! No prompts, no other requirements!

  3. Please post chapters as you write them. We'd like to see your fic updated regularly, with a goal of reaching 10,000 words within 10 weeks of accepting the challenge, or from the date you specify during signup that you can begin writing. You can continue your fic past the 10 weeks, it is only necessary to post the first 10k words in 10 weeks to get moved to the winners list.

  4. Use a header for each chapter - include word count, pairings, rating, and warnings at the very least.

  5. Headers go outside the lj cut, fic goes under.

  6. Use a beta.

  7. Give feedback if you read something here that you like. If you have concrit, send private email.

  8. There is no limit to how many people can choose a character or pairing, and no limit on how long your fic can be.

  9. When you sign up, we'll put your name up on this page as a challenger. When you finish your 10k words, you get moved to the winners list with a link to your fic!

The Don't Room:

  1. No flames! If you don't agree with a pairing or characterization, move on.

  2. No RPF or RPS. There are other comms for those.

  3. No drabbles.

  4. Don't link to a post in your journal or elsewhere, we want the fic here, though you can post it other places too.

  5. No artwork or off topic posts. Fic only.

  6. Membership is currently open, and posting unmoderated. Let's all play nice and keep it that way. Email me at heathervamped@gmail.com if you have any questions about something you want to post.

The Challengers:
  1. jennillu will write "Enjoy the Silence", a Willow/Angel fic between February 28th and May 9th.

  2. kallie_kat will write "Strange Fascination", a Willow/Angel(us) fic between February 28th and May 9th.

  3. heathervamped will write a Willow/Spike fic between February 28th and May 9th.

  4. dragonydreams will write a Willow/Lindsey fic between March 20th and May 29th.

  5. aaronlisa will write "Forgotten Friends", a Buffy/Xander fic between March 5th and May 14th.

  6. ladyoneill will write "In The End", an Angel/Spike fic between March 15th and May 24th.

  7. m00nbrain will write "Possession", a Jayne Cobb/Original Female Character fic between March 3rd and May 12th.

  8. zgirl714 will write a Faith/Gunn fic between February 28th and May 9th.

  9. cafedemonde will write a Spike/Dru fic between March 28th and June 6th.

  10. whiskyinmind will write "Final Straw", a Xander fic between April 1st and June 10th.

  11. claudia6913 will write "Mecurial Madness", a Willow/Angel fic between April 1st and June 10th.

  12. rebelscum2005 will write "What You Don't Know", a Sheppard Book fic between April 1st and June 10th.

  13. emeraldswan will write "The Absence of Fear", a Mal/Kaylee fic between April 1st and June 10th.

  14. anothrlostsoul1 will write "Moon Dreams", a Willow fic between April 9th and June 18th.

  15. vallkiran and dark_lycoris writing as Twilight's Mistresses will write "Fixated", a Spike/Willow fic between April 1st and June 10th.

  16. remember_nomore will write "Your Eternal Sin" a VampTara/VampLindsey fic between March 27th and June 5th.

The Winners:


jennillu with "Enjoy the Silence"


kallie_kat with "Strange Fascination"


remember_nomore with "Your Eternal Sin"

anothrlostsoul1 with "Moon Dreams"

vallkiran and dark_lycoris writing as Twilight's Mistresses with "Fixated"

cafedemonde with "A Failure of Diplomacy"

dragonydreams with "Tarnished Armor"

whiskyinmind with "Final Straw"

A big thank you to jennillu for making the beautiful banners for this community!